Ford Australia is expanding its aftersales support package by adding electric vehicle (EV) chargers to its range of extra-cost equipment.

    The brand’s Australian division announced today it had collaborated with Evie Networks to offer an “EV Charging Package” for current and future owners of the Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit, Escape plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and upcoming Puma Gen-E, due later in 2024.

    The package, which starts from $2580, includes a Teltonika Teltocharge 7.4kW single-phase wallbox charger and a five-metre tethered cable with Type 2 connector, with installation included in the price.

    Ford will also include a $400 charging credit to use at any of Evie’s circa-230 Australian charging stations, available to use for 12 months from the time the home charger is purchased, and without needing to wait for it to be installed.

    This charger is covered by a three-year hardware warranty and two-year installation warranty.

    Owners can control the charger via a smartphone application, allowing them to schedule and remotely monitor the wallbox’s operations.

    Buyers can also pay an additional $300 to upgrade the wallbox charger to a faster 22kW unit (provided they have three-phase power supply), or the same fee for solar integration to tap into their existing solar power setup.

    It’s worth noting the Mustang Mach-E can only accept up to 10.5kW while AC charging, while the E-Transit can take up to 11.3kW.

    Ford’s EV Charging Package can be ordered online or through any of its authorised EV dealers, of which it plans to have more than 100 locations by 2025.

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