The Ferrari SP48 Unica is the latest one-off model created for one of the company’s wealthier clients.

Based on the now-discontinued F8 Tributo, the SP48 Unica has a unique body created to the owner’s brief by the company’s styling centre under the watchful gaze of Flavio Manzoni, the automaker’s chief design officer.

With its blacked out A-pillar, tinted windows, and sharply angled side window shape, the glasshouse of the SP48 resembles a helmet visor, an effect further enhanced by the lack of a rear windscreen.

Along the spine of the roof, a black strip of visible carbon-fibre slowly fades into the vehicle’s lustrous reddish-orange paintwork.

The car’s new nose has a distinct arrow-like profile. Using procedural-parametric modelling techniques and additive manufacturing, Ferrari was able to design a new front bumper with 3D-effect air intakes that seem to be punched straight into solid metal or plastic.

The company has improved the cold air flow from the front of the car through to the engine, and as a result the side air intakes are smaller than on the F8 Tributo.

There’s also a slightly longer rear overhang, which helps to improve downforce at speed.

Ferrari hasn’t released any photos of the interior, but says it retains the F8’s basic design, albeit with heavily personalised trim.

This includes laser-perforated faux suede for the seats and cabin trim, flashes of reddish-orange fabric that match the car’s exterior paint, and polished sill covers with a hexagonal pattern similar to the one used on the roof gradient.

The mechanicals are unchanged from the donor F8 Tributo, meaning there’s a 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 generating 550kW and 770Nm.

Mounted behind the passenger cell, the eight-cylinder engine drives the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

There’s no indication about the SP48 Unica’s price tag, but we’re guessing it didn’t come cheap.

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