Tesla is rolling out its latest Superchargers yet in Australia.

    It’s installing new V4 Superchargers at various locations in New South Wales.

    Tesla says they’re more convenient to use than its existing V3 Superchargers, featuring longer charging cables.

    While the V4 Superchargers continue to offer the same peak charge rates of up to 250kW as the V3 units, Tesla claims this will increase to 350kW in the future.

    They also have the ability to receive over-the-air updates.

    While the new V4 superchargers are being installed, the following charging sites will be temporarily closed:

    • Blaxland: 4-24 June 2024
    • Campbelltown: 4-7 June 2024
    • Wagga Wagga: 18-20 June 2024
    • Wollongong: 18-20 June 2024
    • Yass: 4-24 June 2024

    The first V4 Supercharger was opened in March 2023 in Harderwijk in the Netherlands.

    Tesla has been busy opening its Supercharger network to owners of vehicles of other brands. This started as a pilot program in the Netherlands in 2021.

    The accessibility does come at a price, with non-Tesla owners paying a slightly higher amount than Tesla drivers.

    As of August 2023, 30 of 63 Supercharger stations in Australia could be used to charge non-Tesla EVs.

    Tesla has committed to continuing the expansion of its Supercharger network in Australia despite recent high-profile layoffs, and said projects currently in construction are continuing to be completed and put into operation.

    Click here to find your nearest Supercharger station.

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    Tyra Lawler-Cass

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