Swedish technology company CTEK is bringing its latest battery charger and maintainer – labelled the CS One – to Australia, promising to simplify the process of charging and jump starting car batteries. 

    Suitable for cars, motorcycles, vans and boats, the CS One is able to automatically adjust its output for any 12V lead-acid or lithium (LiFePO4) battery without requiring inputs from the user.

    CTEK calls the feature Adaptive Charging Technology (APTO), claiming the CS One makes charging easier because there are “no buttons to press or modes to select”. It also claims the technology is new to Australia.

    Competing at the upper end of the portable battery charger and maintainer market, the One is app compatible; owners can connect their phone to the unit to cycle through a number of modes.

    CTEK spruiks the safety of the CS One. The charger has polarity free clamps, meaning there is just one clamp on each charging point and both ends can connect to either the positive or negative battery terminal.

    In addition, the clamps are spark free.

    Once the charger is in use, a countdown indicator displays when a car can be restarted, and the duration until it is fully charged. The charger can be left attached to a car indefinitely without causing damage.

    Beyond the basic features of the charger, the CTEK app enables users to connect to the charger via Bluetooth and activate different functions – ‘RECOND’ reconditions batteries, ‘WAKE UP’ charges lithium batteries under low voltage protection or revives deeply discharged lead-acid batteries, and ‘SUPPLY’ turns the CS One into a 12V supply for diagnostic and maintenance work. 

    Each charger will be sold with a five-year warranty.

    Supporting accessories are also included, consisting of a protective rubber holder, u-terminal connector, wall-mount, and adaptor for compatibility with all existing CTEK accessories.

    The CTEK CS One hits shelves in Australia and New Zealand from April, with a recommended retail price of $399.

    Chargers fit for a similar purpose produced by Projecta and Oz Charge retail for $194 and $249 respectively, but don’t feature the automation and polarity free clamps of the CS One.

    Josh Nevett

    Josh Nevett is an automotive journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Josh studied journalism at The University of Melbourne and has a passion for performance cars, especially those of the 2000s. Away from the office you will either find him on the cricket field or at the MCG cheering on his beloved Melbourne Demons.

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