An image has been published of what appears to be the updated 2024 Tesla Model Y, codenamed Project Juniper, at the company’s Shanghai factory.

    Coche Spias, which publishes leaked and spy photos of new vehicles, claims it used AI to improve the quality of the leaked image. It didn’t publish an unedited version.

    We can see similar visual updates as those applied to the refreshed Model 3, including slimmer headlights, restyled tail lights and the removal of Tesla’s logo at the rear in favour of a wordmark.

    Bloomberg reports Tesla is preparing the Model Y for mass production in Shanghai from as early as mid-2024. All Australian-market Model Ys are currently sourced from this factory.

    It further reports Chinese New Year is expected to delay Model Y Juniper production by a week. This time is expected to be utilised for a partial factory update.

    In China last year, the Model Y received minor updates to its interior, such as RGB ambient lighting and new textile dashboard trim instead of wood – both changes made to the updated Model 3.

    Tesla also made small improvements to range and acceleration on certain variants.

    The Juniper update is expected to receive more substantial visual updates, but it’s unclear what else will change.

    The Model 3 Highland received revised suspension with new springs, dampers, and subframe mounting points designed to deliver a more comfortable ride.

    Changes were also made to the Michelin tyres, which are designed to offer more compliance through softer sidewalls, along with better noise suppression than is currently offered.

    Inside, the new Model 3 has a new screen up front… with the same dimensions (15 inches) and processor as before.

    The steering wheel now features buttons for the indicators and cruise control which were previously mounted on stalks behind the wheel.

    An ambient lighting strips runs along the base of the windscreen, and it’s now possible to turn off the passenger air vents.

    Rear passengers get an 8.0-inch display to control media and climate, along with air vents and USB-C ports.

    The Tesla Model Y was first revealed globally in 2019 and arrived locally during 2022.

    The electric SUV has overtaken the Model 3 electric sedan to become the company’s best-selling vehicle.

    It’s currently the best-selling electric vehicle (EV) in Australia with 28,769 examples sold in 2023.

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