A teenager in Canada is in hot water after writing off somebody else’s supercar in wet weather.

    “A 13-year-old was handed the keys but not the driving skills,” summarised the West Vancouver Police Department in a press release.

    Officers responded to a single-vehicle crash on March 25, 2024 on the Trans-Canada Highway at approximately 11:00pm, finding a Lamborghini Huracan in a ditch with no one inside.

    “Officers began an exhaustive search to ensure the well being of the driver and any passengers,” said Sergeant Chris Bigland.

    “With the cooperation of the vehicle owner we were able to promptly locate and interview occupants of the car who were uninjured.

    “The youth and a friend decided to take the car for a drive but were unable to control the car in the dark and rainy conditions. While significant property damage has been done, we are grateful that no one was hurt in the collision.”

    The 13-year old driver has been charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for speeding, driving without due care, driving without a licence, and failing to remain at the scene of a crash.

    Police told North Shore News the Huracan was in the process of being sold, and the owner handed over the keys to the teen not knowing their age or that they didn’t have a licence.

    The owner had reportedly given the teen access to the car even though a sale hadn’t gone through.

    “It does not appear that the registered owner maybe asked an extra couple of questions to establish that this was a wise choice,” Sergeant Bigland told North Shore News.

    Officers found the teen in a residence not far away from the crash scene.

    The West Vancouver Police Department says the teen’s parents have “no feedback” to share with media.

    Dev Singh

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