How much car will €11 million ($17 million) get you?

    We now have an idea, because two years after the Bugatti La Voiture Noire was first presented at 2019 Geneva motor show, the final production car is ready for delivery to its owner.

    Based on the Chiron, the La Voiture Noire is a design homage to the 1930s Type 57 SC Atlantic.

    Originally dreamt up by Achim Anscheidt, Bugatti’s design director, around 20 years ago, the La Voiture Noire has a unique body 450mm longer than the Chiron and a wheelbase that’s been stretched 250mm.

    Due to the car’s bespoke shape and different aerodynamic properties, it was put through a full round of wind tunnel and test bench simulations, as well as physical tests on tracks and proving grounds.

    All up, development of the La Voiture Noire reportedly took around 65,000 engineering hours.

    La Voiture Noire – literally the black car – is very, very dark with a mix of visible carbon-fibre and a unique Black Carbon Glossy clearcoat.

    The only notable highlights are the metal strip down the centre of the bonnet, the lights, badges, some chrome garnish on the wing mirrors, and wheels.

    Up front there’s a 3D-printed grille, while each headlight unit contains 25 individually milled lights.

    Out the back there are six tailpipes sticking out of the diffuser, and the tail-light swoosh is a joint-free single piece.

    Bugatti says the La Voiture Noire features a brown leather interior with aluminium inlays for the centre console and doors, and a driving selector made out of rosewood. Unfortunately no images of the car’s cabin have been issued.

    The car rides on silver and black 20-inch wheels with 285/30 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres up front, and 21-inch rims with gargantuan 355/25 rubber at the rear.

    The La Voiture Noire is a one-off, and cost its anonymous owner €11 million ($17 million) before taxes. 

    At the time of the original concept’s unveiling in 2019 it was the world’s most expensive new vehicle, but that record has since been shattered.

    The three-of-a-kind Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, which was unveiled last week, reportedly cost a hefty £20 million ($36 million) each.

    Derek Fung

    Derek Fung would love to tell you about his multiple degrees, but he's too busy writing up some news right now. In his spare time Derek loves chasing automotive rabbits down the hole. Based in New York, New York, Derek loves to travel and is very much a window not an aisle person.

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