Renowned Italian brake manufacturer, Brembo, is set to launch a new software-based intelligent braking system called Sensify.

    Expected to be on the market by the beginning of 2024, the Sensify system has been designed to control each wheel independently with two separate control units on the front and rear axles.

    It’s an extension of a brake-by-wire system and combines the current Brembo product line-up of premium calipers, discs and friction materials with digital technology, predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence.

    Brembo is viewing this new electromechanical braking system as more of an ecosystem rather than “a sum of its parts”.

    The system can adapt braking to personal driving and braking styles, as well as differing road and weather conditions.

    According to Brembo, it’s always learning and can be constantly updated to improve the driver experience.

    “We think that Sensify could be a breakthrough technology with the same disruptive effect that ABS had when it was launched in the automotive sector,” said Brembo CEO Daniele Schillaci.

    Schillaci also added that he’s been in talks with a major unidentified premium automaker to supply the company’s Sensify braking system to its models.

    He also expects the Sensify system would become a “standard feature”, at least for premium platforms, by 2030.

    The braking process uses electromechanical actuators that can act faster than a traditional hydraulic system. It also does away with any brake fluid.

    When the driver presses the brake pedal, the feedback goes to the Sensify brake control unit and the data is translated through a hydraulic actuator, which then sends the braking pressure to the brake discs and calipers.

    Brembo claims this system allows for lower disc consumption as it maximises regenerative braking where applicable, as well as minimising emissions due to the absence of drag between the brake pads and discs.

    The Sensify system is able to be implemented into “any kind of vehicle” according to Brembo and can be oriented for left- or right-hand drive layouts.

    Brembo says the system can be applied to city cars, sedans, SUVs, commercial vehicles, hypercars, as well as race cars.

    It’s not limited to all-electric platforms and can be integrated into internal-combustion engine platforms as well.

    All components of the Sensify system are designed internally according to Schillaci and the technology is currently being shown off on a Tesla Model 3 and Model S.

    Jack Quick

    Jack Quick is an automotive journalist based in Melbourne. Jack studied journalism and photography at Deakin University in Burwood, and previously represented the university in dance nationally. In his spare time, he loves to pump Charli XCX and play a bit of Grand Theft Auto. He’s also the proud owner of a blue, manual 2020 Suzuki Jimny.

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