Ever thought you could get out of a sticky situation but then somehow made it 10 times worse? That’s what happened to this unlucky BMW X1 driver in China.

    In a video from the South China Morning Post, the driver accidentally reverses partly off a pier before launching himself and his SUV off the dock completely.

    In the video, multiple angles leading to the fall are captured thanks to a large crowd of bystanders.

    The vehicle can be seen partly tipping off the pier, after reversing a little too far off the edge, knocking down a number of rubbish bins into the marina.

    From one angle, the vehicle can be seen dangling off the pier for a short period of time before the driver reportedly accidentally put his foot on the accelerator while the vehicle was still in reverse.

    Bystanders captured in the video can be heard yelling out to the driver during the entire ordeal.

    As the vehicle falls off the pier, it smashes into various rubbish bins floating in the marina and appears to crack the rear windscreen and damage the tailgate.

    Once the vehicle lands in the water, the windscreen wipers activate.

    The driver uses his door to escape, and as a result the vehicle begins to flood with water fairly quickly.

    Not everyone chose to film the incident, with one helpful bystander seen in the video diving into the water to help the driver back to shore.

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    Jade Credentino

    Jade Credentino is an automotive journalist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Jade has had a chance to review a variety of vehicles and particularly enjoys SUVs. She enjoys traveling and going on road trips exploring Australia.

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