The BMW M3 Touring won’t fall by the wayside when the performance nameplate goes electric, production plans have revealed.

    According to Bimmerpost forum member ynguldyn – who claims to compile future product information from sources within BMW – the first electric M3 will include both sedan and wagon body styles.

    It was previously not clear whether this would be the case, with only the alleged model code for the electric M3 sedan (ZA0) showing up on the list. 

    The forum member has since added ZA1 which denotes the M3 Touring. This is in line with BMW model code naming structure, with sedans (0), wagons (1), coupes (2) and convertibles (3) each getting their own numbered suffix.

    Production of the electric BMW 3 Series, to be badged as the i3, is reportedly due to begin in late 2026, alongside the petrol-powered model.

    As reported in March, the new-generation petrol BMW M3 is expected to be launched in 2027 or 2028, based on an updated version of the Cluster Architecture (CLAR) that underpins all current rear- and all-wheel drive BMW models.

    BMW is yet to confirm details about the model, though previous reports have suggested the ‘S58’ 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six engine which powers the current M3 and M4 range will carry across.

    According to ynguldyn’s latest information uploaded to Bimmerpost, it appears the M3 Touring won’t continue with petrol power past the current generation, instead becoming an electric-only model.

    The BMW M3 Touring only joined the nameplate’s lineup in 2022, and received mid-life updates along with its sedan sibling last month, extending both through to when the new-generation model arrives.

    The electric i3 meanwhile is understood to be heavily influenced by the Vision Neue Klasse design concept, with previous reports suggesting it could feature a quad-motor powertrain capable of producing nearly 1000kW.

    For context, the current BMW i4 – an electric version of the 4 Series – produces 400kW of power and 795Nm of torque from its dual-motor layout, however this architecture is expected to be replaced for the i3.

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