Audi's printable colouring book can help beat coronavirus blues

Whether you're taking a break from binge-watching TV, or desperate for something to do with the kids, Audi has a free way to keep you occupied for an hour or (hopefully) more.

1 year ago
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Introducing CarExpert
Introducing CarExpert
Derek Fung

Looking for something to do in isolation? Audi USA is here to help.

The carmaker has released a free colouring book called ‘Colour Your Passion’, which can be downloaded as a PDF, printed out, and handed to bored kids (and adults) to pass the time.

Inside, there are a number of pages dedicated to the R8 supercar.

If Audi’s latter-day halo car isn’t your thing, there’s also a Quattro rally car and – this writer’s personal favourite – a trippy collection of Audi rings, along with an Auto Union Type C grand prix race car.

There’s also a few classics thrown in there, including a Horch.

As far as more attainable metal goes, there’s a fourth-generation A6, a first-generation Q7, and a pre-facelift version of the current Q7 with a rather ominous super moon in the background.

As someone busy to trying to home school a child, work, and keep a modicum of sanity, this book kept us entertained for almost an hour, which seems like a huge blessing at this point.


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