The 2023 Honda HR-V for North America has been revealed and, badges aside, shares little with the third-generation HR-V that’s just gone on sale in Australia.

    The American HR-V is based on the Civic platform, whereas the HR-V sold in Europe, Japan, Asia and Australia rides on a smaller architecture shared with the Jazz/Fit light hatch.

    Stylistically, the US HR-V has smoother and more organic look than the global HR-V, and misses out on that vehicle’s hidden rear door handles.

    Although few details about the car have been revealed, we know it will go on sale in the US during the northern summer.

    The American HR-V also features independent rear suspension, and LED head- and tail-lights.

    No images of the car’s interior have been revealed, but we expect a mature — possibly upscale — design with a free-standing infotainment touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard.

    It almost certainly won’t feature Magic Seats system, which allows the rear pew to fold and flip in many unconventional configurations, as this requires the fuel tank located near the centre of the vehicle.

    Honda has yet to spell out the American HR-V dimensions, but we know that it will be larger than the global HR-V and smaller than the CR-V.

    The global HR-V is 4335mm long, 1790mm wide, 1590mm tall and rides a 2610mm wheelbase, while the CR-V is 4635mm long, 1855mm wide and 1679mm tall, with a 2660mm wheelbase.

    There’s a new generation of the CR-V on the way with more conservative styling than today’s car. Rumours indicate this vehicle will grow slightly, giving it a little more distance from the American HR-V.

    No details have been revealed about the American HR-V’s drivetrain options. Given it rides on the Civic architecture, it could be offered with the Civic’s 118kW/187Nm 2.0-litre four-cylinder or 134kW/240Nm 1.5-litre turbo.

    The American HR-V will also be sold in Europe, where it will wear a different nameplate and come exclusively with a hybrid drivetrain.

    If we were to make a bet, we’d put our money on it using the 135kW/315Nm hybrid system from Civic e:HEV hatch.

    This drivetrain pairs a direct-injection 2.0-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine with two electric motors, a lithium-ion battery, and a fixed-gear transmission.

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