Does this preview the future of Alpine design?

    Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), which is an Italian-based design school, has announced it’s going to reveal the Alpine A4810 concept in collaboration with French automaker.

    IED has shown off a shadowy, singular teaser image of the concept ahead of the reveal that’ll be live-streamed from OGR Tech in Turin, Italy on March 18, 2022 at 11:00AM CET (9PM AEDT).

    Powering this two-seater supercar concept is some sort of hydrogen powertrain that apparently “represents the extreme sportiness of the future”.

    The choice of a hydrogen powertrain is no surprise as Renault, Alpine’s sister brand, is also planning to reveal a hydrogen-powered concept in May 2022.

    Renault has already revealed the Master Van H2-Tech hydrogen fuel-cell (FCEV) prototype that was developed as part of the HYVIA joint venture between the Renault Group and FCEV specialists Plug Power.

    This Alpine A4810 concept has been designed by 28 students as part of a thesis project for their Master in Transportation Design at IED Turin.

    The teaser image shows the Alpine A4810 concept from the front, and has an illuminated Alpine ‘A’ badge in the middle with a stripe that runs right to the back of the concept.

    There’s a light bar with integrated headlights spanning the entire front of the concept, and creates triangular shapes around what appear to be the side air intakes.

    Covering the wheels are what appear to be swollen and sculpted wheel arches and there is a large rear spoiler at the back of the concept.

    Underneath the concept is a French flag symbolising the heritage of the Alpine brand.

    IED students have previously designed prototypes like the Suzuki Misano in 2021, the Honda Tomo in 2019, and the Alfa Romeo Gloria in 2013.

    Although this prototype might be designed in collaboration with Alpine, it’s expected the A4810 concept will remain just a one-off study with no production intent.

    For now we’ll just have to wait and see what the Alpine A4810 concept properly looks like.

    In January 2022, Alpine confirmed it’s upcoming high-performance electric crossover will be called the GT X-Over.

    Set to begin production by 2025, the GT X-Over will be built at the French automaker’s Dieppe plant in France.

    The Alpine GT X-Over will share its CMF-EV platform with the Renault Megan E-Tech Electric and Nissan Ariya, and will be available with a hotter, all-wheel drive set-up.

    On top of the upcoming GT X-Over, Alpine has also confirmed its new era will be all-electric and will include a hot version of the new Renault 5 EV on the CMF-BEV platform, as well as a new version of the A110 sports car.

    Alpine has confirmed all three of these upcoming electric vehicles (EVs) will be launched by 2026.

    The all-electric Alpine A110 replacement will be built in partnership with British sports car specialist Lotus, using the brand’s new E-Sport electric platform.

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