ABB launches 360kW EV charger

ABB's new EV charger is designed specifically to charge up to four cars at once, and it's also technically the world's fastest charger.

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Derek Fung
Derek Fung

The European firm claims its new Terra 360 is the “only charger designed explicitly to charge up to four vehicles at once” and is the “world’s fastest electric car charger”.

While the final claim is technically true, it’s not that much faster than some existing chargers available today, with both the Ionity network in Europe and Electrify America offering 350kW chargers.

Designed to deliver up to 360kW, the Terra 360 can recharge a compatible vehicle in “15 minutes or less”. If you’re in a rush, it can give up to 100km of driving range in just three minutes.

Perhaps more importantly, each Terra 360 charging unit can be configured to charge up to four vehicles at once.

This allows for more compact layouts, including ones like a traditional petrol station bowser setup with cars pulling up on both sides.

Carrying on that theme, the chargers can be customised with branding foil and different LED lighting strips. The Terra 360 can also be fitted with a 27-inch screen to play video or static advertisements.

The Terra 360 features a lighting system to guide users through charging, as well as showing the car’s battery level and the time remaining.

A cable management system is also included, and ABB says the Terra 360 is wheelchair accessible.

ABB envisions the Terra 360 will be installed at petrol stations, as well as retail outlets and convenience stores. The company will also market the Terra 360 to fleet operators.

The Terra 360 will be available in Europe from the end of 2021, and can be bought by customers in the Americas and Asia Pacific some time in 2022.

ABB is a Swedish-Swiss conglomerate specialising in robotics and electrical equipment.

It started making EV chargers in 2010, and to date the firm has sold 460,000 across 88 countries. Only 21,000 are DC fast chargers, though, with the remainder being AC chargers.

Reports indicate ABB is looking to float a minority stake in its EV charger arm within the coming year.

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Derek Fung
Derek Fung
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