Minor changes to the Audi e-tron GT are coming, and they should be accompanied by more substantial tweaks under the skin.

    Overnight the German luxury brand published photos of a prototype of the upcoming e-tron GT facelift.

    Although the prototype vehicle has no camouflage per se, it is covered with a race car-style wrap, which serves to obscure some of the changes.

    Up front the e-tron GT prototype wears a new front bumper with a larger pair of side air intakes. The current car’s panda eye effect, where a swathe of glossy black plastic links the headlights, air intakes and the grille, has been deleted.

    The car’s single-frame grille has been updated with a new insert that features a changed texture pattern, and a flattened upper section.

    At the rear, there’s a new diffuser insert, but the rest of the bumper assembly and the tail-light setup looks to be same as before.

    Built atop the same architecture as the Porsche Taycan, we expect the revised Audi e-tron GT to sport many of the upgrades its sibling received during its recent facelift.

    The Taycan’s DC fast charging now tops out at 320kW, up 50kW from the pre-facelift model. Net battery pack capacities have been increased from 71kWh and 81.3kWh to 82.3kWh and 97kWh, which should result in increased driving range.

    A plethora of new electric motors across the Taycan range promise not only increased power and torque, but also more regenerative braking, less weight, and better efficiency.

    Jaan Mattes Reiling, technical manager for the e-tron GT, says the updated sedan will also have an “improved suspension system [that] introduces new adjustment capabilities for the driver”.

    According to Motor1 the revised e-tron GT range will be topped by a new RS Performance variant.

    Although details about this model are understandably hush hush for now, it’s probably safe to assume it have more spuds than today’s 475kW RS variant, but less than the facelifted Taycan’s 760kW/1340Nm Turbo GT.

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