The updated Hyundai Tucson has been undergoing testing in Europe, and it doesn’t seem as though it will have a radical restyling.

    While the recently revealed Elantra/i30 Sedan and Sonata makeovers have seen Hyundai roll out big styling changes to the front and rear of both sedans, the revised Tucson looks as though it will keep the same overall design as today’s car, at least at the front.

    Despite the heavy disguise, we can see the update Tucson still features a split headlight treatment, with the main and high beams hidden in a pod towards the outer edges of the front bumper.

    Again there looks to be a grille that includes the crossover’s set of driving lights. The grille insert does look to be new, and has us thinking of the Santa Cruz ute available in North America.

    We expect there will be detail changes to the front bumper.

    There’s even more cladding on the back of this prototype, so we can’t see what changes Hyundai is planning for the rear of Tuscon.

    The only parts that we can pick out are the familiar red strip across the entire width of the car, and reversing lights built into the lower section of the bumper.

    Unfortunately our spy photography agency wasn’t able to get a shot of the updated Tucson’s interior, so we don’t know if Korean automaker is planning a more drastic overhaul of crossover’s dashboard and cabin.

    This prototype is a short wheelbase model, likely produced at the company’s factory in Czechia. The SWB variant is sold primarily in Europe, and there’s a small possibility it will have a different mid-life update to the long wheelbase version bound for Australia and much of the world.

    With its 2755mm wheelbase, the LWB model has an extra 75mm between the front and rear axles. The stretched wheelbase partially accounts for the LWB variant’s 130mm increase in overall length to around 4630mm.

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