Mazda Australia has confirmed fuel consumption and emissions figures for its CX-60’s 3.3-litre inline six, which sees the big turbo petrol motor match the economy of a non-turbo CX-5.

The Japanese brand confirmed this week the 3.3-litre e-Skyactiv G motor – dubbed G40e in the variant line-up – will use 7.4 litres per 100km on the combined cycle, which matches the claim of non-turbo CX-5 G25 2.5-litre models.

That’s despite the 3.3-litre turbo petrol, which also boasts 48V mild-hybrid assistance, offering almost twice the amount of torque (450Nm) and 50 per cent more power (209kW) than its smaller stablemate.

Further, the CX-60 G40e’s emissions rating is quoted at 171g/km on the combined cycle, which is 10 per cent less than the G35 2.5-litre turbo offered higher up in the Mazda CX-5 range. Even better, the 3.3-litre e-Skyactiv G remains compatible with cheaper 91 RON unleaded fuel.

Mazda says the CX-60 G40e’s 6.9-second 0-100km/h claim is also 0.8 seconds faster than a CX-5 Turbo.

“The larger displacement of the 3.3-litre Mazda CX-60 e-Skyactiv G – which is compatible with 91 RON fuel – actually improves efficiency, as the higher volume of air enables more complete combustion and a wider lean-burn range, leading to lower consumption and reduced NOx emissions,” Mazda says in its media release.

This latest announcement completes the efficiency and emissions data portfolio for the CX-60, as Australian details for the 3.3-litre e-Skyactiv D diesel and 2.5-litre e-Skyactiv PHEV have already been confirmed.

Mazda CX-60 Efficiency Specs:

  • 3.3-litre G40e e-Skyactiv G: 7.1L/100km, 171g/km
  • 3.3-litre D50e e-Skyactiv D: 4.9L/100km, 128g/km
  • 2.5-litre e-Skyactiv PHEV: 2.1L/100km, 49g/km

The CX-60 PHEV also quotes an EV driving range of up to 76 kilometres from its 17.8kWh lithium-ion battery, at speeds of up to 100km/h.

The all-new Mazda CX-60 will arrive in Australian showrooms from June, with three distinct trim levels available with all three aforementioned powertrains.

Pricing starts at $59,800 for the entry-level G40e Evolve, and tops out at $85,675 for the P50e Azami plug-in hybrid. All prices exclude on-road costs.

For the full Mazda CX-60 price and specs breakdown, click here.

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