The old king is dead, long live the king. There’s a new full-strength Range Rover in town, and it’s arrived early.

    Range Rover offered its first official teaser of the car overnight, which was followed by a torrent of leaks. The exterior leaks you see here were posted on Driven Hard, and Jons Garage Instagram accounts.

    From the teasers and leaks we can see the new Rangie will retain the model’s upright profile, and much of its classic silhouette.

    Traditional design elements such as the clamshell bonnet and blacked-out window pillars have been retained.

    Again the Range Rover appears to have smooth body surfaces, but relatively flat sides. Vertical strakes are positioned at the leading edge of the front wheels.

    To give the new generation a sleeker, sportier appearance, there’s a slight downward curve to the roof, while the top section of the side window graphic slopes downward after the A-pillar.

    As is the trend, the fifth-generation car has flush-fitting pop-out door handles for improved aero and a cleaner look.

    The most dramatic change, though, has taken place at the rear where there’s a thin vertical tail-light strip on each side of the tailgate. Visually these two strips are linked up by a black bar along the upper section of the tailgate and a chrome bar along the bottom.

    The Cochespias Instagram account also posted images that seemingly come straight from the press kit or sales brochure, including what could our first glimpse of the car’s interior.

    Clearly an evolution of the current cabin design, the new Range Rover has fewer buttons, simple surfaces, and a large touchscreen infotainment system popping out of the middle of the dash.

    According to Gerry McGovern, Jaguar Land Rover’s head of design, the fifth-generation Range Rover will have an exterior of “impeccable restraint” that “doesn’t follow fashion or trend” but rather evolves the model’s “modernist design philosophy”.

    He says the cabin will be a “flawless tranquil sanctuary”.

    Based on Jaguar Land Rover’s new Modular Longitudinal Architecture Flex (MLA Flex), the upcoming Range Rover is able to support mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric drivetrains.

    It seems likely the Range Rover will be powered by the company’s Ingenium straight-six engines with mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid assistance.

    Rumours indicate performance models may be fitted with BMW’s 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 engine, while an EV drivetrain should appear somewhere down the track.

    As part of the company’s transformation plan announced at the beginning of this year, CEO Thierry Bollore not only put Jaguar on the path to becoming an all-electric brand by 2025, but also predicted 60 per cent of sales from the Land Rover division would be electric by 2030.

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