It’s been a while since Porsche dabbled in off-road-friendly sports cars, but a new 911 variant looks ready to scratch that itch.

    Although many believe the off-road focussed 911 will wear the Safari badge, there are also rumours it could be named Dakar.

    A prototype of the high-riding 911 model was last spied around this time last year.

    Unlike the earlier prototype this latest vehicle not only sports bulging fenders, but also wheel arch protectors. Chunkier side sills help to link up the Safari’s plastic extensions.

    This car has a production-spec bumper with multiple air intake pods, as well as a small grille opening at the base of the bonnet.

    Given this car is aimed at those who want to take their 911 onto unsealed roads, it has been fitted with a lifted suspension setup.

    The high profile tyres from earlier cars have been swapped for units that wouldn’t look amiss on a regular 911.

    At the rear this Safari has a large fixed rear wing, and a bumper featuring two large oval exhaust tips integrated into the diffuser.

    While we don’t know how powerful the Safari’s turbocharged six-cylinder boxer engine will be, it’s safe to assume it will be hooked up to an all-wheel drive system.

    While the new Safari might be the first of its kind since the 1978 911 SC Safari, Porsche has toyed with reviving the idea before.

    In late 2020 the automaker released a clutch of photos detailing 15 concepts it had developed but never publicly revealed before.

    Among the highlights were a hybrid race car, a people mover (yes, really!), and a Safari model based on the 991-generation 911.

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    Derek Fung

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