For those who were hoping the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV would make a song and dance about its plug-in hybrid drivetrain, we’ve got bad news.

    Overnight Mitsubishi took the covers off the next-generation Outlander PHEV, and it’s almost indistinguishable from its non-electrified siblings.

    The only giveaways are the super-sized charging flap behind one of the rear wheel arches, badges on the front doors that scream ‘EV’ and whisper ‘Plug-in Hybrid’, and a PHEV badge on the tailgate.

    Oh, and it’s available with a contrasting black roof.

    It’s much the same deal inside as there’s barely a skerrick of differentiation.

    In the centre tunnel there’s a button to engage EV mode, and another we believe either shifts through battery management modes or allows the driver to select the hybrid mode.

    Perhaps the biggest change is seen in the digital instrumentation screen, which not only features a large battery status graphic in the centre, but also features neat 3D-effect barrel dials at both ends — one for drivetrain status and the other for speed.

    As for the drivetrain, we’re afraid Mitsubishi is playing its cards close to its chest ahead of the PHEV’s full unveiling on October 28 in Japan.

    In earlier teasers Mitsubishi has revealed the Outlander PHEV will have more power. It will also have a longer EV driving range thanks to a larger battery pack.

    The current car features a 94kW/199Nm 2.4-litre four-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine, a 60kW/137Nm electric motor for the front wheels, and a 70kW/195Nm electric motor on the rear axle.

    A 13.8kWh battery is used, which allows for 54km of tailpipe emissions-free driving range under the lenient NEDC standard.

    Thanks to the new model’s larger body, the upcoming Outlander PHEV will be offered with the option of seven seats for the first time.

    The Outlander PHEV is due to arrive in Australia in early 2022.

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    Derek Fung

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