If your commute to work resembles an action scene from a Jack Ryan movie, the Mercedes-Benz S680 Guard may be the car for you.

    Developed alongside the rest of the S-Class range, the new S680 Guard aims to be as safe and as discreet as possible.

    The car’s “integrated protection system” has copious amounts of armour hidden by the standard-looking aluminium body.

    There’s a thick multi-layer glass sandwich for the windows, the inner layers of which include a polycarbonate coating that provides splinter protection.

    The doors are said to be heavy beasts, but electro-mechanical actuators ensure they only require a “low operating force” to operate. The side windows also feature a hydraulic lift system, which allows them to close even if on-board power is disrupted.

    The S680 Guard has a VR10 safety rating, and is able to withstand an attack with an assault rifle fitted with armour-piercing rounds.

    It is also classified as a explosive resistant vehicle, and during testing biofidelic dummies — which aim to more closely mimic the underlying human body structure — suffered “no damage”.

    Riding on Michelin PAX run-flat tyres, the S680 Guard has a driving range of 30km after the rubber suffers puncture damage.

    Under the bonnet there’s a 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 with 450kW of power and 830Nm of torque.

    Given the car’s V12 engine and heavy protective measures, top speed is limited to just 180km/h and the car isn’t shy of a drink. Using the WLTP standard, the Guard requires 19.5L/100km.

    For the first time in a Guard model, all-wheel drive is available and is a standard fixture.

    Despite the car’s clear focus on safety, the car is still packed full of luxury fittings and has an 80-strong options list.

    While some items which would compromise safety, such as a sliding sunroof, have been left off the menu, buyers can still add features such as “first class” rear seats, active ambient lights, and OLED displays. Almost all trim and colour options are available.

    In Germany, the S680 Guard will set buyers back €457,100 ($731,000) before taxes and options.

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