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2021 BMW 6 Series GT facelift spied

BMW's last remaining tall hatch/coupe mashup has been spotted with some midlife surgery.

3 months ago
Derek Fung

The updated BMW 6 Series GT has been spied wearing minimal camouflage.

Overall the revised 6 Series GT is heavily influenced by the look set to grace the 5 Series facelift, which has already been leaked in its undisguised glory.

As before, the 5 Series sedan and wagon, and 6 Series GT, will have unique panels and key styling elements.

Up front the GT now has new squarer headlight units with rectangular graphics. The chrome frame for the double kidney grille meets up in the middle, while the shape of the nostrils is, basically, turned upside down.

The lower air intake area is now split into three sections instead of two, and the surfacing is flatter and more sharply defined.

At the rear there are new tail-light graphics, and a cleaner rear bumper with most of the light grey lower section removed.

According to our spy photography agency, the interior features a larger touchscreen infotainment system, like the one reportedly headed for the 5 Series update.

If there are any upgrades to the petrol and diesel engines offered in the 5 Series, they will flow on through to the 6 Series GT.