Toyota has issued a safety recall for its all-new Yaris and Yaris Cross as they could stop suddenly.

    The Yaris Cross is also affected by an additional recall for a rear centre seatbelt defect.

    “Within the hybrid transmission of involved vehicles, an improper application of anti-corrosion oil on the transmission input damper may cause abnormal slippage during rapid acceleration,” the company says in its recall notice.

    Should this happen, a warning light will illuminate and the powertrain could stop.

    To fix this, Toyota is replacing the input damper free of charge. It’s no simple task, however.

    The company estimates it’ll take approximately eight and a half hours to replace the input damper, a component installed between the engine and transmission to reduce engine vibration.

    Though there’s a risk your vehicle could suddenly stop, Toyota says you can continue to drive it until the repair takes place.

    The rear centre seatbelt recall affects only the Yaris Cross.

    Toyota says there’s a risk that, due to a manufacturing defect, the seatbelt “may be damaged by the sharp edge of the metal seat belt anchor bracket during the impact of a collision”.

    This could in turn mean the seatbelt fails in the event of an accident.

    Toyota’s fix involves adding protective material to the anchor bracket, free of charge. The job itself takes a technician around 30 minutes to complete.

    A total of 1295 vehicles are affected by the input damper fault, 696 of which are still with owners.

    A total of 2341 Yaris Cross SUVs are affected by the seatbelt fault, of which 1007 are with owners.

    RecallVIN rangeDate range
    Yaris – hybrid system01000105 to 01000852October 18, 2019 to September 24, 2020
    Yaris Cross (front-wheel drive) – hybrid system0L001002 to 0L002232May 15, 2020 to September 25, 2020
    Yaris Cross (all-wheel drive) – hybrid system0L001001 to 0L001325April 30, 2020 to September 25, 2020
    Yaris Cross – seatbelt 0L001001 to 0L001897
    0L001002 to 0L002508
    0L001001 to 0L001385
    May 15, 2020 to October 14, 2020
    May 15, 2020 to October 14, 2020
    April 30, 2020 to October 13, 2020

    You can read the recall bulletin for the hybrid system issue here and the seatbelt defect here.

    Toyota is contacting all owners via SMS, email and/or mail to the contact details it has on file.

    If you have any additional questions, you can call the Toyota Recall Campaign Helpline on 1800 987 366 on weekdays between 8am and 7pm.

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    William Stopford

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