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    From $83,500 - excl. on-roads
    2023 BMW IX2

    2023 BMW IX2

    From $83,500 -

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    Fuel EfficiencyN/A
    ANCAP RatingNot tested
    Warranty8 years

    About the IX2

    The 2023 BMW IX2 was available in one variant, is classed as a Medium SUV and was built in United States Of America. It uses a fully electric engine.

    Price & Specs

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    IX2 Warranty

    What is the warranty period and kilometre limit for the BMW IX2?

    The 2023 BMW IX2 had a 8 year, 160,000km warranty.

    IX2 Dimensions

    The dimensions of the BMW IX2

    The 2023 BMW IX2 measures 4554mm long, 1845mm wide and 1560mm tall, with a 2692mm tall wheelbase.

    IX2 Market Fit

    Where does it fit in the competitor segment?

    The BMW IX2 is categorised as a Medium SUV

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If buying from a dealer as a used car, the 2023 BMW IX2 range is priced from $83,500. If you were to trade a used 2023 BMW IX2 in to a dealer, you can expect a second hand price of around $72,600. These prices may vary depending on the condition and mileage of the vehicle.

    The 2023 BMW IX2 is built in United States Of America and is then shipped to Australia.

    The 2023 BMW IX2 has not been tested by ANCAP yet.

    The 2023 BMW IX2 has a fully electric engine and does not use any fuel.

    The 2023 BMW IX2 has 4 doors.

    The 2023 BMW IX2 had a 8 year, 160,000km warranty.

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