• Interior
    • ADAS
    • Economical
    • Wireless Apple/Android connection issue
    • No cold air ventilated seats
    • No panoramic sunroof
    5 Star

    About the Chery Omoda 5

    Naseer Babar purchased this Chery Omoda 5 new for $37,500 (including all on-road costs). Naseer Babar would buy this car again because: “If I had to choose again, the Chery Omoda 5 EX would be a strong contender. It’s packed with the latest tech and driver aids, making it feel very modern. The stylish front end and large infotainment screen are real eye-catchers, adding to the overall appeal.”

    How reliable has your car been? Tell us about any issues.

    In terms of reliability, my Chery Omoda 5 EX has been excellent so far. However, I have occasionally encountered issues connecting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly.

    These issues haven’t been frequent, but it’s something to be aware of. And it can be fixed restarting car or reset device.

    What do you think of the ownership experience with your car?

    Owning the Chery Omoda 5 EX has been a positive experience overall. It’s a truly enjoyable car to drive, and I haven’t encountered any major issues.

    While occasional hiccups occur with wireless CarPlay/Android Auto, they haven’t dampened my overall satisfaction.

    How has the purchase and aftercare experience been with your car?

    My experience purchasing and caring for my Chery Omoda 5 EX has been smooth so far.

    The initial service at 1000km went well, and the recent recall notice checkup at the dealership was handled efficiently. While I haven’t had extensive experience with aftercare yet, both interactions have been positive.

    Are you happy with the price and features of your car?

    Absolutely! Compared to competitors, I’m very happy with the value proposition of the Chery Omoda 5 EX. The car offers a fantastic range of features at a price point that feels competitive and fair. It feels like I’m getting a lot of bang for my buck.

    What do you think of the performance and economy of your car?

    I’m impressed by both the fuel economy and performance of my Chery Omoda 5 EX. It delivers a respectable 7L/100km, which is great on my wallet.

    On top of that, the car feels surprisingly quick and responsive, making daily driving enjoyable.

    What do you think of the technology in your car?

    The latest technology was a major selling point for me with the Chery Omoda 5 EX.

    The advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) provide excellent peace of mind, and the automatic lock/unlock and voice control features add a touch of convenience and luxury to everyday driving. Overall, I’m very impressed with the car’s tech package.

    What do you think of the ride comfort and handling of your car?

    My Chery Omoda 5 EX offers a very comfortable ride, thanks to its well-tuned suspension.

    The steering is light and responsive, making handling a breeze, especially in city driving. This combination makes cruising a pleasure and navigating tight spaces effortless.

    Overall Rating

    Ride & Handling10
    Price & Features10
    Purchase & Aftercare10
    Performance & Economy10
    Ownership Experience10