• Very economical even for the non hybrid version
    • Has really high tech features on base trim
    • Looks and feels like it's worth the price
    • Boot Space is enough for a few grocery bags
    • CVT can sometimes be unsure
    • Piano black trim scratched up all over
    5 Star

    About the Toyota Corolla

    Brandon Smart purchased this Toyota Corolla used for $23,990 (including all on-road costs) in 2022. Brandon Smart would buy this car again because: “I would definitely buy this car again as I have always heard great things about Toyota and their reliability. Considering my family’s Hiace Regius ran for a decade as our family car and just blew its turbo at 300,000km on the odometer, the Toyota name definitely lives up to those testaments.

    If I were to purchase a Corolla again, I would go for a red Hybrid ZR model for more features and fuel economy if money weren’t and issue. Maybe I’m being greedy but I would love for the GR Sport Corolla from Europe to come to Australia too, that would fly off the shelves.”

    How reliable has your car been? Tell us about any issues.

    Corolla and reliability go hand-in-hand and this generation is definitely no exception.

    When I bought the car it had kept within its service intervals giving me a piece of mind that extra care had been taken to maintain that fairly new car condition. I also never have to worry about me breaking down on the side of the road, unfortunately couldn’t say the same for my beaten up Falcon.

    What do you think of the ownership experience with your car?

    In the few months of owning this car, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting in and driving it everyday.

    It’s perfect for my needs and I know it’ll never have any reliability issues in the lifespan that I will own this car. Drawing back to my family’s HiAce, it definitely will last almost forever

    Are you happy with the price and features of your car?

    I’m definitely happy with the price I paid and the features. Price wise, buying a brand new Corolla was just not feasible, I’d either pay another $5000 or wait 6-12 months, so finding this car was a steal!

    Features included even in the base model made me lean towards this model over the last generation and was definitely worth it. Only thing I wish it had was parking sensors like the SX grade, but the reverse camera does the job.

    What do you think of the performance and economy of your car?

    Performance wise? Okay, it’s not going to be a GR Corolla. However, the engine does keep up well for this sized hatchback. It has enough punch to take off at traffic lights and give some sports cars a tease when using sport mode.

    Although sometimes the CVT can be a bit unsure if you don’t speed up quickly. Economy wise? Tens all around.

    Compared to my old Falcon which ran at around 11L/100km, this almost halves it at 6.5L/100km in the city which is a big deal in the current fuel climate. Before I had to fill up every week at least to and from work and now I’m only having to fill up almost every two weeks!

    What do you think of the technology in your car?

    The tech in the Corolla is quite a big step up from my 2004 Ford Falcon, so this feels space age to me! Infotainment wise, yes, it’s outdated.

    However, it still has all the necessary functions I need like FM radio, Bluetooth and changing the cars settings. Most of the time I use CarPlay so I don’t need to use it.

    The driver assist tech like lane keeping assist and radar cruise control all work well and haven’t had any issues even at nighttime when in use. It is a little weird having a car almost steer itself, but wow it’s cool to be behind the wheel when it is.

    What do you think of the ride comfort and handling of your car?

    The ride I find is quite comfortable especially in and around the city and on highways. Handles great even on tight bends and always fun to whip around some roundabouts.

    Some of the roads especially after storm season you can feel the unmaintained roads just a little bit but for the most part it all feels and drives well. Plus those seats hug you in nice and tight.

    Do you have any additional comments about your car?

    I couldn’t recommend a Corolla to anyone more than I already do! It’s everything that I need in a modern vehicle that I know will last for as long as I keep her. Sure it has some minor flaws, but to really is like looking for a needle in a haystack this generation.

    This car has definitely made me become a Toyota stan and I will absolutely be keeping the brand at the top of my shopping list whenever the time comes to find my next ride. Maybe the GR Sport Corolla if it ever comes here!

    Overall Rating

    Ride & Handling8.5
    Price & Features8.2
    Performance & Economy8.9
    Ownership Experience9.5