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Discover, Compare and Drive
CarExpert Experience Centre
We're doing it again

In 2021, over 30,000 guests visited our first-ever CarExpert Experience Centre in Sydney. This year, we're back to deliver an even bigger experience to give you everything you need to make confident decisions with your next car purchase.

Our next stop, Melbourne

Opening in May 2022, our Melbourne Experience Centre will be conveniently located at The District Docklands. The first three months will be an all electric and hybrid vehicle showroom, showcasing up to 20 cars for you to discover, compare and drive. Be the first to experience this world-first concept by registering your interests here.

Are you looking...
  • For independent car advice without the pressure of buying?
  • To discover new cars and their latest technologies?
  • To compare cars and find what suits your lifestyle?
  • To test drive and gain confidence before deciding your purchase?
  • Then the CarExpert Experience Centre is the perfect destination for you.
    All advice. No sell.
    What is it?

    Each Experience Centre features a range of car brands and models to make it easy for you to discover your next car, to compare cars and experience them through a test drive. All with the support and guidance of a CarExpert Expert, if you need it.

    CarExpert Experts are trained professionals whose job is to help you have a great experience at the centre and provide you with the information you need to make confident car-buying decisions.

    At the CarExpert Experience Centre, we are all advice and no sell.

    CarExpert Experience Centres will be opening at select locations for a limited time throughout 2022. Register today to stay in the know and be one of the first to receive special offers from presenting partners.

    Want to work here?

    We are looking for full time and part-time Guest Experience Associates to join us at the Melbourne Experience Centre. Multiple positions available with flexible hours. Click here to apply.

    Congratulations to Zwayne (entrant number 1691) from Queensland, winner of the $2000 Prepaid Visa Gift Card.