The Toyota GR86 race car is now on sale for those racing in the 2024 TGRA 86 Series.

    The vehicle is priced at $89,990.

    It has been developed and built by Neal Bates Motorsport and comes track-ready thanks to an array of modifications. These include:

    • Full roll cage
    • Race seat with a six-point harness
    • Motorsport-spec steering wheel, engine control unit (ECU) and instruments
    • Control wheels and tyres

    The company has also upgraded the suspension brakes, exhaust, oil cooler and clutch for the track.

    The team has made improvements to the engine that provide approximately 10 per cent more power and torque when compared to the road-focused GR86 variant, which puts out 174kW and 250Nm. The vehicle is also now 70kg lighter.

    The latest GR86 race car was revealed during the season close of the Bathurst TGRA last year.

    Traditionally Toyota only offers its track-focused GR86 variants to current competitors but this year has decided to open it up to new drivers who want to race in the 2024 TGRA 86 Series, which Toyota calls one of Australia’s premier Supercars support categories.

    Jarrod Hughes, who won the the 2022 TGRA Kaizen Award, took delivery of his GR86 racecar in April this year.

    “The Toyota 86 has been a fantastic car to race these past couple of years but the GR86 takes it to a whole new level,” said Jarrod Hughes.

    “With more power and torque and much sharper handling, it’s so much quicker through the corners and the feel and feedback you get just inspires greater confidence to push on harder,” he said.

    The race is aimed at aspiring race drivers, helping them to gain skills and knowledge.

    “As a one-make series with near identical racecars, TGRA 86 Series has been an excellent environment for drivers to learn and hone their skills and Toyota is proud to continue to support the series through to at least the end of 2026,” said Toyota Australia chief marketing officer Vin Naidoo.

    “Neal Bates and his team have worked hard to make the new GR86 an incredibly sharp, affordable racecar and with its introduction from 2024, we expect the competition and racing action to get even more exciting for drivers and fans alike.”

    Toyota has committed to supporting the race until 2026.

    The current TGRA 86 series has already kicked off for this year, thanks to Toyota introducing a new Scholarship Series. The first race of the season will begin in Townsville in July before travelling around Australia.

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    Jade Credentino

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