Toyota Europe has followed up on the Aygo X Prologue micro-sized SUV concept revealed in March, whipping the covers from the production version overnight.

    But we’ll head this off at the pass: Toyota’s Yaris Cross will not be getting a smaller high-riding sibling in Australia any time soon.

    The Aygo X rides on a version of the modular ‘GA-B’ platform used under the Yaris Cross and regular Yaris, but at 3700mm nose-to-tail is 480mm and 240mm shorter than this pair.

    The little crossover offers an elevated seat compared to the outgoing Aygo, and more clearance. Unlike the current model, it won’t be built alongside twins from Peugeot and Citroen.

    While this is all interesting from the Big T, the Aygo X won’t be making its way to Australia – where it would battle the likes of the Kia Picanto, Fiat 500 and Suzuki Ignis.

    On the face of things there’s an opportunity for Toyota, since the Picanto and Ignis are up in sales this year 79 per cent and 287 per cent respectively.

    Demand for cheap and tiny new cars is high for myriad reasons – used car price spikes, fuel prices, adequate stock, increased congestion.

    But the Aygo X was developed for Europe, and is made there, which adds cost in a cost-sensitive segment from an Australian perspective.

    “Toyota Australia is continuously looking at opportunities to expand the Toyota range however at this stage, there are no plans to introduce the Aygo X,” is the company’s current position.

    Aygo X quick look

    The Aygo X certainly resembles the Prologue, with the usual concept flourishes banished for series production.

    All models come in two-tone, pairing a black roof and rear section section with four colour choices named Cardamom, Chilli, Ginger and Juniper. Cute.

    “The bi-tone of the Aygo X immediately grabs people’s attention. It’s clearly not just a detail.
    It’s an integral part of the design,” says Toyota Europe product planner Anastasiia Stoliarova.

    Note also the Fiat 500-style sliding Pagoda canvas roof option, which makes this one cheap and cheerful convertible. Note also the LED headlights and curved DRLs.

    Toyota says the seating position has been raised by 55mm “allowing easy eye contact with other road users, particularly cyclists and pedestrians”. The A-pillar angle has been increased by 10 per cent.

    The Aygi X also brings bigger wheels and tyres, new suspension, improved roll stiffness, more sound-deadening, and has lower roll angles than its predecessor model. It weighs 940km.

    The cabin has a 9.0-inch touchscreen (bigger than our market’s Kluger screen) with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    Cameras and radar provide data for the AEB with night-time pedestrian recognition, active cruise control, and lane-centring aid.

    While numerous rivals in Europe’s hard-fought A-segment have gone electric – Volkswagen Up and Fiat 500 come to mind – the Aygo X remains a petrol, keeping costs down.

    It’s a 1.0-litre (998cc technically) three-cylinder making just 53kW and 93Nm, mated to a CVT or five-speed manual. Top speed is 158km/h and the 0-100km/h is… 15.6 seconds.

    “The A-segment is very important to us. Not only has it brought many new customers to Toyota. It also fulfils our mission to provide everyone with the right mobility solution,” finished Toyota Europe VP of product and marketing Andrea Carlucci.

    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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