There aren’t many small electric cars available in Australia, but there’s a large disparity in the claimed range on offer in those cars.

    We’ve combined the electric cars in the micro and small car categories in the VFACTS sales charts to see which can go the furthest before needing to recharge.

    For this list we’ve taken the range published on the Australian Government’s Green Vehicle Guide, which uses figures based on the European NEDC testing cycle. We’ve also included figures from the more stringent WLTP test cycle used in Europe for context.

    Only Mini’s electric offerings did not have up-to-date figures on the Green Vehicle Guide, so we’ve instead gone with the claimed WLTP testing cycle figure published on the Mini website.

    We’ve also only listed the variant of each model with the longest claimed range, though there is further information throughout the article and at the links below.

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    Make/modelRange (ADR claim)Battery capacity
    MG 4590km77kWh
    Cupra Born511km77kWh
    BYD Dolphin490km60.5kWh
    Nissan Leaf439km59kWh
    GWM Ora420km63kWh
    Mini Cooper (electric option)402km (WLTP)54.2kWh
    Fiat 500e311km42kWh
    Abarth 500e253km42kWh

    MG 4

    The MG 4 is the range leader of this category by nearly 100km, capable of travelling a claimed 590km on a single charge.

    The Long Range 77 variant, with its 77kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery and 180kW of power, is one of two cars on this list that can theoretically cover more than 500km before recharging.

    Unlike some other MG models, however, it isn’t the cheapest in its category at $52,990 drive-away. You can pick up the MG 4 Excite 51 for $39,990 drive-away instead. It only has a claimed range of 405km, though.

    If power is your main concern you can opt for the XPower, which is priced at $59,990 drive-away. It has a 64kWh battery and packs a massive 300kW of power (most powerful on this list), all with a claimed 505km of range.

    MG 4
    Range (claimed)590km
    Battery capacity77kWh
    Charging (claimed @ max. DC)38 minutes @ 144kW (10 to 80 per cent)

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    Cupra Born

    The first European car on this list, the Cupra Born is capable of a maximum 511km of range.

    The Born comes with a 77kWh Li-ion battery producing 170kW of power in its single variant, though it does include four- and five-seater options.

    It is, however, among the more expensive cars on this list at $59,990 before on-roads. A new Born VZ will soon join the range.

    Cupra Born
    Range (claimed)511km
    Battery capacity77kWh
    Charging (claimed @ max. DC)30 minutes @ 170kW (10 to 80 per cent, per EVDatabase)

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    BYD Dolphin

    490km of range is the claimed figure for the BYD Dolphin, specifically in its Premium variant.

    At $44,890 before on-road costs the Dolphin works out to be marginally cheaper than the MG 4, though it comes with a smaller 60.5kWh battery with 150kW of power.

    For $38,890 before on-roads you can purchase the base Dynamic variant, which can cover a claimed 410km with its 44.9kWh battery. It’s also the least powerful car on this list with just 70kW.

    BYD covers its Dolphin range with a six-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty.

    BYD Dolphin
    Range (claimed)490km
    Battery capacity60.5kWh
    Charging (claimed @ max. DC)38 minutes @ 80 kW (10 to 80 per cent)

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    Nissan Leaf

    Middle-of-the-pack is the longstanding Nissan Leaf e+ with a claimed range of 439km.

    At $61,490 before on-road costs for the top e+ variant it’s the most expensive car in its class, yet it has the smallest battery at 59kWh. It’s not the least powerful, though, with 160kW of power at hand.

    The base Leaf is priced at $50,990 before on-roads, and has 311km of range. It comes with a 39kWh Li-ion battery and produces 110kW of power.

    It does, however, include a space saver spare and wired smartphone mirroring.

    Nissan Leaf
    Range (claimed)439km
    Battery capacity59kWh
    Charging (claimed @ max. DC)45 minutes @ 100kW (20 to 80 per cent)

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    GWM Ora

    GWM is the third and final Chinese brand on this list, and two variants of its Ora post a claimed 420km of range.

    Of the four-car Ora range it’s the Ultra and aptly-named Extended Range variants that can go furthest, both of which have a 63kWh battery and 126kW of power.

    The two variants are priced at $43,990 and $40,990 drive-away respectively, but for less money you can opt for the base Standard Range for $35,990 drive-away. Careful, you’ll only get 310km of range from its 48kWh battery.

    The range-topping GT shares the same battery and power figures, but falls 20km short of the Ora’s peak claimed range. It’s also priced at $46,990 drive-away, but it does add carbon accents and hits of red.

    GWM Ora
    Range (claimed)420km
    Battery capacity63kWh
    Charging (claimed @ max. DC)50 minutes @ 80kW (10 to 80 per cent)

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    Mini Cooper (electric option)

    The Cooper is the only car on this list that is available alongside a petrol option, though it can reach a claimed 402km on the WLTP cycle in its top-spec.

    It’s also the longest-range offering in the micro segment, as the SE Favoured variant easily outperforms its two rivals.

    The SE Favoured is priced at $58,990 before on-road costs and comes with a 54.2kWh battery and 160kW of power.

    Priced at $53,990 before on-roads is the base electric Cooper E, which can cover 305km on the WLTP cycle but has a smaller 40.7kWh battery and reduced power at 135kW.

    It also offers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and is backed by a five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty.

    Mini Cooper (electric option)
    Range (claimed WLTP)402km
    Battery capacity54.2kWh
    Charging (claimed @ max. DC)36 minutes @ 50kW (zero to 80 per cent)

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    Fiat 500e

    The two Italian electric micro cars are (unsurprisingly) neck-and-neck at the bottom of this list, though the Fiat performs better with a claimed 311km of range.

    Priced at $52,500 before on-road costs, the Fiat 500e is the cheapest micro electric car in Australia and comes with a small 42kWh battery. Its motor produces 87kW of power.

    Unique to the Italian marque is a three-year, 150,000 kilometre warranty, though it does include a space saver spare and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    Fiat 500e
    Range (claimed)311km
    Battery capacity42kWh
    Charging (claimed @ max. DC)35 minutes @ 85kW (zero to 80 per cent)

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    Abarth 500e

    Stopping around 60km shorter is the 500e’s stablemate, which offers a claimed 253km on a charge.

    It has two variants – the Turismo and Scorpionissima – priced at $58,990 and $60,500 before on-roads respectively, and both share the same range figure.

    Both also share the same 42kWh battery, though Abarth has increased the 500e’s power output compared to the Fiat, now making 114kW.

    It also shares Fiat’s warranty plan, but it does add wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    Abarth 500e
    Range (claimed)253km
    Battery capacity42kWh
    Charging (claimed @ max. DC)35 minutes @ 85kW (zero to 80 per cent)

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    Max Davies

    Max Davies is an automotive journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Max studied journalism at La Trobe University and stepped into the automotive world after graduating in late 2023. He grew up in regional Victoria, and with a passion for everything motorsport is a fan of Fernando Alonso.

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