Looking to buy a Suzuki Jimny? Here’s how long you can expect to wait on new orders across the range.

    Speaking with CarExpert, the general manager for Suzuki Australia’s automotive division Michael Pachota, ran us through current wait times on the in-demand Jimny 4×4:

    Model VariantAnticipated Wait Time
    Suzuki Jimny 3 Door manual4-6 months
    Suzuki Jimny 3 Door auto6-8 months
    Suzuki Jimny XL 5 Door manual1-2 months
    Suzuki Jimny XL 5 Door auto2-3 months

    Mr Pachota noted that while the Jimny XL is currently subject to shorter wait times than the three-door, the Japanese brand’s local division has managed to secure incremental increases in production by bringing forward allocation from the Indian factory originally slated for later in the year.

    “We’ve been afforded a very lucky opportunity, but short-term unfortunately, to have incremental production [increases] in the first three months of production,” Mr Pachota told CarExpert.

    “What I mean by incremental is that we’re stealing from the future in terms of production limits because we’re still trying to tap into the global demand because it’s so high.”

    Mr Pachota added that wait times for the five-door XL will revert back to the four- to six-month realm “towards the latter part of the year as that early allocation tapers off”.

    Suzuki’s local boss says that enquiries and order rates for the Jimny range remain strong and “continue to grow”, and that the mix between Jimny and Jimny XL versions is sitting around the 50:50 mark.

    “I was really expecting XL to really take growth in terms of the sales percentage, and even eat into three-door sales, but the three-door has been strong,” Mr Pachota said.

    To April 30, 2024, there have been 3037 new Suzuki Jimnys registered in Australia (up 65.0 per cent). Updated sales figures will be published later this week, but it was Suzuki’s top seller in April with 862 registrations (up 142.8 per cent).

    For the 2023 calendar year, the supply-stricken Jimny returned 5002 registrations Down Under, down 12.2 per cent on the year prior and second-best in the Japanese brand’s lineup behind the Swift hatchback (6914 units).

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