More than six years after the last Australian-made car rolled off a production line, the final locally built and marked highway patrol vehicle has been retired from active duty on the New South Wales Police Force fleet.

    This VF Series II Holden Commodore SS served as a part of the New South Wales Traffic and Highway Patrol Command’s fleet since 2017, but has now reached the end of the road.

    While it’s no longer being used for police duties, the vehicle has been wrapped in an Indigenous art livery, and will be used for engagement with the Aboriginal community and for general public displays.

    It’s unclear for how long it will be used for this purpose.

    The 6.2-litre V8-powered Commodore marks a special place in history, with its retirement meaning there are no Australian-built police cars remaining in service in New South Wales.

    It should be no coincidence that the final Australian-made highway patrol car in NSW is a Holden, given the brand’s long-standing history in local automotive culture since it turned to building vehicles in 1948.

    Holden’s cars became synonymous with the local auto industry until October 2017, when the brand produced its final vehicle on Australian shores. A significant drop in demand for its imported models led to the company’s closure on January 1, 2021.

    This isn’t the final Australian-built police car in service, as there are still V6-powered Holden Commodores used by the Queensland Police Service.

    CarExpert has also reached out to the Western Australia Police Force to find out if there are any Commodores remaining on its fleet.

    The Commodore’s departure from the NSW Police Force fleet comes more than five years after the first Australian jurisdiction moved away from locally built models.

    When the last Australian-built police cars were retired from service

    • Tasmania: September 2018
    • Northern Territory: April 2019
    • South Australia: August 2020
    • Australian Capital Territory: July 2022
    • Victoria: November 2022
    • New South Wales: January 2024
    • Queensland: Still in service
    • Western Australia: Yet to be confirmed
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