Tesla‘s latest 2022.20 over-the-air software update allows the Model S and Model X to detect rough road sections and adjust their adaptive suspension accordingly

    Dubbed Tesla Adaptive Suspension, this feature allows the standard air suspension in the Model S and X to automatically raise and lower depending on the upcoming road surface.

    In other words, the Tesla Model S and X can now in theory detect road imperfections such as dips and potholes and change the air suspension characteristics to make it smoother and more comfortable.

    Drivers will be able to know when the car has adjusted its air suspension in the digital instrument cluster.

    For now these Tesla models won’t be able to avoid potholes or rough road imperfections entirely, but just smooth them out as best as possible.

    Updated Tesla Model S and X vehicles will generate data about rough road segments that’s then relayed on to other updated Model S and X vehicles.

    This kind of technology where cars talk to other cars is referred to as Car2X, or Car-to-X, and it’s becoming more mainstream through implementations in Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen vehicles.

    In order to turn on this adaptive suspension feature on your updated Tesla, you’ll need to follow the following process:

    • Tap Controls
    • Tap Suspension
    • Tap Adaptive Suspension Damping
    • Select the Comfort or Auto setting

    At this stage Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles won’t be able to receive this rough road detection feature as they don’t have adaptive air suspension fitted and instead feature passive suspension.

    Tesla isn’t alone in featuring road-sensing suspension technology, with luxury brands like Genesis and Mercedes-Benz also including similar technology.

    Other features the Tesla Model S and X received as part of the latest 2022.20 over-the-air software update include a green traffic light chime, enhanced seatbelt pretensioner performance, as well as the ability to reset the tyre settings after a tyre rotation.

    The Tesla Model S and X are currently off-sale in Australia, and it’s unclear when they’ll be made available again.

    Tesla recently removed the asking prices for both of these models on its website, though you can still put down a deposit and order one.

    The website also doesn’t feature an expected delivery date for the Model S or Model X.

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    Jack Quick

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