The newly reopened Melbourne BMW and Mini garage is among the very first dealerships in the world to use BMW Group’s new retail corporate identity.

    The multi-level retail and service centre at Melbourne CBD’s southern fringe aims to “revolutionise the look, feel and overall customer experience”, previewing what’s to come from the company’s dealers worldwide.

    It’s a 10,000 square-metre space reminiscent of a luxury hotel with a cafe, merchandise, display areas for BMW, BMW M, BMW Motorrad and Mini products; classic BMW artwork everywhere, and a tablet next to each display car with requisite info and QR codes.

    It also has double the number of service bays compared to the old site, with 40 cars able to be hoisted. There are 14 EV chargers scattered around (both AC and DC), and BMW cites extensive use of recycled materials, indoor plants, and solar panels.

    The dealership is owned – and the fitout was paid for by – BMW Group franchisee Autosports Group, which operates more than 55 luxury car dealerships in Australia and New Zealand.

    This dealer-led investment points to BMW Group’s contrasting approach to working with dealers compared to arch rival Mercedes-Benz, which has gone down an agency model path whereby it owns inventory and has fixed pricing.

    “Dealers are the backbone of our operation in Australia,” claimed BMW Australia marketing general manager Alex McLean.

    Melbourne BMW and MINI Garage dealer principal Daniel Odman said he was proud of what the new site offered, and what it signified.

    “We are proud that Australia was one of the first markets in the world to feature this new corporate identity, but even more so that Melbourne BMW and Mini Garage was the first metropolitan dealership to feature it at our spectacular new facility,” Mr Odman said.

    “… Every conceivable detail has been factored in to enhance our offering in recognition of both the changing needs and preferences of individuals but also those of a rapidly evolving retail landscape and automotive market.

    “This includes a focus on building in elements that seamlessly continue the digital experience for customers that begins at home with use of our vehicle configurator and other online properties.

    “Our new facility includes a breathtaking 217-inch high definition screen, as well as an array of digital specification screens for all our display models that are fully interactive and can be constantly updated.”

    Reflecting BMW Australia’s standing within the wider BMW Group world, the dealer has been housing unreleased new products including the 2023 BMW M2, BMW XM, BMW M3 Touring, and BMW i7.

    There’s also a dedicated section running close to Kings Way (the main road) with bespoke lighting and room for five M Cars – an unusually high 20 per cent of all BMW Australia sales have the M badge affixed.

    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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