Buyer resistance to the all-electric future for the Porsche Macan is starting to cause ripples of concern in Australia.

    There is even talk of creating a stockpile of petrol-powered Macans to stretch the changeover Down Under.

    Plans for the end of the petrol-powered Macan and 718-series Cayman and Boxster, confirmed by Porsche Cars Australia, point to the introduction of the battery-electric Macan in the final months of 2024.

    But several significant dealers have already reported problems with the plan.

    “It’s too early. We’re worried our customers won’t be ready,” one dealer told CarExpert.

    Porsche is aware of the concerns, but not prepared to comment. Still, it has given plenty of warning with its latest announcement.

    The brand has told dealers orders for the production for the current Macan SUV and the 718 sports car line-up will end in the third quarter of 2024 to make way for their electric replacements.

    Electric transition aside, new vehicles introduced to Australia since March 2023 require a certain type of autonomous emergency braking under Australian Design Rules (ADRs); that requirement will be expanded to all vehicles sold locally from March 2025 regardless of when they were introduced.

    A version of the technology – which automatically brakes if it detects an imminent collision – is offered on the 718 Cayman or Boxster, along with the Macan. Porsche says the system isn’t compliant with the new rules coming in 2025, however.

    It’s the move away from combustion engines for the company’s best seller in Australia which has dealers worried.

    They expect things to become choppier next year as owners look up upgrade their existing Macans or move into the mid-sized Porsche SUV.

    The solution, for some dealers at least, will be to over-order through the early months of 2024 to create a stockpile of cars to take deliveries well past the change to the start date for the electric Macan and potentially up to the mid-point of 2025.

    Porsche Australia has made its early call for ‘last orders’ with the Macan plan for next year.

    Anyone who wants to order either car before they disappear will need to get in before the middle of 2024, or be willing to take delivery of a pre-configured car in stock with a dealer.

    It’s those stock vehicles concerned dealers want to lock into place through a significant stockpiling plan, although there is no confirmation – as yet – of how Porsche Australia would deal with any over-ordering.

    Instead, it is sticking to the timetable from company headquarters in Germany and the commitment to electrification.

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