Porsche Australia offering carbon offset for new-car buyers

Porsche has taken a leaf from airlines' book, allowing owners to offset the carbon from their cars and support Australian environmental projects.

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Scott Collie
News Editor

Does your head object to petrol power while your heart yearns for the roar of a Porsche flat-six at full noise?

Porsche Australia is offering a new carbon offset option for new-car buyers, allowing owners to support environmentally-friendly local projects based on their mileage.

The company says 15,000km at an average of 12L/100km will cost owners $117 per year, and likens the program to the carbon offset options offered by airlines.

Porsche will also pay to offset the emissions of the cars used on its fleet of company cars, press vehicles, and Track Experience racers.

Money will go to one of two projects: Mount Sandy in South Australia, and Myamyn in south-western Victoria.

The first is a “pocket of intact native vegetation in a region dominated by farmlands”, designed to draw together “Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to promote land conservation methods that have been used by the Traditional owners of the land, the Ngarrindjeri people, for thousands of years”.

The second is habitat is “home to numerous vulnerable and endangered plant and animal species. The Myamyn project works to protect and rehabilitate the site after clearing and the introduction of an invasive eucalyptus species occurred in 1997”.


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