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Porsche adds wireless Android Auto in infotainment update

Porsche has given its PCM infotainment system an update that includes wireless Android Auto and an optimised charging planner, among others.

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Jack Quick
Jack Quick

Porsche is giving its latest, sixth generation Porsche Communication Management (PCM) infotainment system an update that adds wireless Android Auto, among other functionality.

This updated infotainment system is available on Porsche 911, Taycan, Cayenne and Panamera models ordered from this week onwards.

The main drawcard of the PCM infotainment update is the addition of wireless Android Auto.

Existing Porsche vehicles with the PCM 6.0 software already have wireless Apple CarPlay, but only wired Android Auto.

As part of the update, there’s a revised PCM user interface with “easier to recognise” coloured icons. Porsche says it made this improvement from customer feedback.

Porsche has also improved the voice control function of PCM, with it now able to access the news, the operating manual and in-car music streaming.

Owners are able to interact with this voice control feature by either touching a button or saying the phrase, “Hey Porsche.”

This infotainment update brings native Spotify integration which allows owners to directly access Spotify songs and podcasts without the use of a phone. The existing PCM 6.0 software already has integrated Apple Music.

In order to access Spotify, Porsche owners will need to link their Spotify Premium accounts with their Porsche ID. All of the data used is included in the Porsche Connect program.

For the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo, the updated PCM 6.0 brings an improved charging planner with optimised algorithms that prioritises higher energy-output charging stations and plans charging stops more efficiently.

The charging planner also now takes into account the time required to start and end the charging process at a charging station.

A dynamic zoom function for charging stations during a trip has been introduced with the infotainment system now able to show all charging options in the immediate surroundings.

It also includes whether or not these close chargers are currently in use.

In the wider view, the display only shows fast-charging stations and a filter now makes it possible to sort charging points by output.

Lastly, Porsche notes that its updated PCM 6.0 navigation system now includes a revised route monitor, with relevant events such as traffic jams and roadworks able to be displayed or hidden during a trip.

As to existing owners with vehicles running the pre-update PCM 6.0 system, Porsche Australia has told us that existing cars cannot be fitted with this update.

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