With used car prices reaching eye watering heights, people are starting to turn on dealers attempting to gouge customers simply looking for a fair deal.

    Paul Maric, a TikTok automotive influencer (going by handle @paulmaric), shared a viral video on TikTok of one dealer attempting to sell a second hand Toyota LandCruiser Sahara for around $40,000 more than the recommended retail price.

    In the video he sarcastically explains, “Gee, this is a really good deal. It’s a [Toyota] LandCruiser Sahara that’s been sitting here for ages with all the dust on it…”.

    “It’s only done 20km, but the dealer is asking a fairly reasonable $173,000 for it!”

    “Good luck with that!”

    The Toyota LandCruiser Sahara has a list price of $133,881 before on-road costs.

    Many outraged car buyers offered their comments on the price gouge.

    “Aren’t they 145k brand new from Toyota?,” said one user.

    “Look it’s a moving house deposit,” said another.

    Another user broke some industry inside goss, suggesting some dealers were buying cars to register them and then on-sell them second hand.

    “Dealers have been getting cars, registering them as demos so they can sell them over RRP,” they said.

    Either way, the landscape is changing with used car prices starting to lower. This is likely to leave a lot of dealers with excess expensive stock.

    Dev Singh

    I'm an Indian-born automotive enthusiast living in the US, with a huge passion for cars. I have a natural storytelling ability and love captivating writing that brings stories to life. I've been writing about cars for over 10 years. My passion is expertly navigating the dynamic world of cars, delivering engaging content for car aficionados.

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