Nissan is aiming to offer the next-generation, electric-only Qashqai at a similar price to the outgoing petrol model.

    Currently, Nissan makes petrol and hybrid-powered Qashqais, but the vehicle replacing the current generation will be all-electric.

    Talking to Autocar, Nissan CEO Makato Uchida said the company achieving price parity with the outgoing model is “what we are aiming for, and what our ambition is”.

    Currently, the Qashqai starts at $33,890 in Australia, though in the UK the range opens at £27,120 (A$51,857).

    Mr Uchida went on to tell Autocar that achieving price parity was a significant challenge.

    “We are at the stage of considering how we are going to make EVs balanced [on price] with ICE. It’s a challenging discussion, because the regulations in each country are not moving at the same pace,” he said.

    “At one side we talk about scale and how to support that, and on the other side we need supply chains to be established.”

    The changeover between the current-generation Qashqai and the next all-electric Qashqai is reported to happen around 2029.

    When the next model does arrive, it will reportedly be an all-English affair.

    Autocar reports the future Qashqai will be designed in the company’s London studio and take inspiration from the Hyper Urban concept revealed at this year’s Tokyo motor show.

    We don’t have any details about what’s powering Hyper Urban Concept just yet, though Nissan touted its vehicle-to-grid capability and aerodynamic design.

    In addition to being designed in London, the next Qashqai will be assembled in the UK as well, at the company’s Sunderland plant.

    Nissan remains coy on future Qashqai specs. However, it’s reportedly going to be based on the CMF-EV dedicated electric vehicle (EV) platform underpinning the Nissan Ariya and Renault Megane E-Tech.

    This is also set to underpin the replacement for today’s Leaf, set to adopt more SUV-like styling already previewed with the 2021 Chill-Out concept.

    The Leaf replacement will offer 25 per cent more range than the current car according to Automotive News. For reference, it currently offers 270km of WLTP range in standard guise and 385km in the e+.

    As the next Qashqai will not only likely share a platform with the next Leaf, but also a production plant, it’s logical to assume both will share components including potentially battery packs.

    The battery for the next Qashqai will reportedly be built at Sunderland plant as well, with project partner AESC reportedly constructing a third battery gigafactory at the site.

    Both Nissan and AESC are both reportedly focussed on lithium-iron-phosphate battery chemistry.

    The Sunderland plant has recently received an injection of funding intended for expansions and upgrades that will carry the plant’s operation into the future.

    The company will now reportedly pivot the facility to be a “flagship” manufacturing hub and EV ecosystem, with production of combustion vehicles there to cease at some point.

    Nissan plans to only sell EVs in Europe by 2030.

    It announced last month it’s investing up to £3 billion (A$5.74bn) to build electric versions of the Qashqai and Juke plus a next-generation Leaf at its Sunderland plant in the United Kingdom.

    Confirming the addition of two more EVs at Sunderland, Nissan has announced it’s investing £1.12bn (A$2.14bn) into its UK operations and wider supply chain for R&D and manufacturing, following an earlier £423m (A$809m) investment.

    It says the move will enable up to a £3bn (A$5.74bn) investment in the UK.

    Although the Sunderland factory has faced uncertainty in the past, Nissan started building hybrid versions of the Qashqai and Juke there last year.

    The company also produces the all-electric Leaf at the plant, though it ceased production of the X-Trail there in 2019.

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