Mercedes-Maybach has unveiled the fashion-forward special edition S680 Haute Voiture at a couture fashion show in Dubai.

    The company has taken the standard S680 and given it a unique look inside and out, calling it a “driveable art piece… a collectible piece designed for select occasions”.

    Just 150 units will be produced, but a Mercedes-Maybach spokesperson has confirmed the special edition model is only available in select regions with Australia “unfortunately not being one of them”.

    The Haute Voiture features a two-tone paint finish with metallic nautical blue on top and a light shimmering rose in the lower section, as well as nautical blue metallic wheels.

    Inside, the interior is adorned with a ‘bouclé fabric’ – a heavy yarn material – in blue, beige, rose gold and gold shades, as well as crystal white leather throughout the cabin, said to be inspired by designer garments and handbags.

    There are also linen and mohair floor mats, rose gold champagne flutes and blue leather piping details, while the MBUX infotainment system features “sparkling glitter particles” and “elegantly dressed avatars”.

    Additionally, owners will receive a gift box featuring the unique number of their vehicle in the limited production run, a scale model, and a car cover.

    To cement the model’s place in the fashion world, Maybach will also produce a bag collection to accompany the car which will feature materials used in the Haute Voiture’s interior.

    Each of the 150 units will be produced by Mercedes-Benz’s ‘most specialised customisation and craftsmanship team’ in Sindelfingen, Germany, and each vehicle wears its unique run number as a badge on the centre console.

    Standard equipment like the noise cancelling technology and MBUX Interior Assist is carried over from the standard S680.

    The name is a play on the term haute couture, with “voiture” being French for “car”.

    “The intricate features and exclusive design elements are what make the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture one of the most extravagant models we ever created,” said Mercedes-Benz chief design officer Gorden Wagener.

    “Our customers have access to the most aspirational lifestyle, so we wanted to reflect this through creating something utterly desirable and using components never before seen on a Mercedes-Maybach.”

    “The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture heralds a new chapter of high exclusivity for the brand. With a restricted limited run of 150 units, the special edition reflects our brand philosophy to occasionally release aspirational collectibles,” said Daniel Lescow, head of Mercedes-Maybach.

    Mercedes-Benz said earlier this year it anticipates “disproportionate growth” in what it calls its Top-End vehicle segment, citing a 40 per cent increase in S-Class sales last year plus “record” Mercedes-Maybach sales.

    In addition to more exclusive collector editions under the Maybach brand Mercedes-Benz is introducing a new program of “ultra-exclusive collector cars” aimed at collectors under the Mythos Series banner.

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    Eilidh McNaughton
    Eilidh McNaughton is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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