Mercedes-Benz has put on a show with a synchronised display of four EQG off-roaders completing a G-Turn, more traditionally known as a tank turn.

    This isn’t the first time Mercedes-Benz has teased its wild EQG party trick. On social media prototypes have been snapped testing the feature on dirt tracks over the last few months.

    The video posted on January 11 combines both aerial and on-the-ground footage of four camouflaged EQGs.

    The vehicles start in a staggered zig-zag formation and begin the tank turn. The ground appears to have been wet to make life easier for the cars.

    Mercedes-Benz has remained fairly tight-lipped on when the model will be revealed. However, it’s expected sometime in 2024.

    The brand did have a prototype of the electric G-Class, or EQG, on show at CES.

    Prototypes of the EQG have been spotted during testing, which gives us an indication of how the electric version of the popular off-roader will look inside and out.

    Compared to the current G-Class, the EQG prototype doesn’t have the analogue clock near the front cupholders inside, features a revised climate control unit, and has new steering wheel with touch-sensitive buttons.

    Features in the prototype appear to draw comparison with the updated A-Class and are likely to be transposed across to the petrol G-Wagen line-up as well.

    The EQG features an electric motor for each wheel, along with low range courtesy of a reduction gear system on the output shaft of each motor. No power or torque figures have been announced yet.

    Mercedes-Benz has confirmed the EQG will not be based on its dedicated Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) platform but instead will use a version of the combustion-powered G-Class’s traditional body-on-frame underpinnings.

    The brand confirmed customers will have the option of a silicon-based battery technology which will enter production from 2025.

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