With just a few weeks to go until a new hybrid V12 supercar makes its debut, Lamborghini has unveiled two one-off models, the Invencible coupe and Auténtica convertible, that bid farewell to its non-electrified 12-cylinder engine.

    While it’s obvious these two cars are based on the Aventador, the exterior and interior have been extensively restyled.

    According to Lamborghini, the front end is modelled after the track-only Essenza SCV12, and includes strong vertical struts coming off the splitter.

    The bonnet features deep air intakes, which are said to be inspired by those on the Gallardo-based 2010 Sesto Elemento.

    Shades of red dominate the exterior and interior of the Invencible coupe, while the Auténtica coupe is finished in grey with yellow highlights.

    The Invencible and Auténtica are peppered with hexagons, a shape long preferred by those in Lamborghini’s design department.

    The six-sided shape can be found in the LED lighting elements of the new headlights and tail-lights.

    Hexagons can also be found on the 3D-printed dashboard air vents, engine bay vents, and the exhaust tips, which are finished in Inconel, a nickel-chromium-based alloy originally designed for the aerospace industry.

    Unlike many other one-off models, the Invencible and Auténtica have a redesigned interior, which has the usual mix of leather and faux suede finishes.

    The new dashboard doesn’t feature an infotainment screen in order to “underline the lightness of the cabin and focus attention on pure driving enjoyment”.

    To that end there are also no buttons on the steering wheel spokes.

    Behind the passenger cell of both cars is a version of the company’s naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine borrowed from the Aventador Ultimae. As such, the Invencible and Auténtica have 574kW and 720Nm at their disposal.

    All that fury is put to ground via an all-wheel drive system, and a seven-speed automated manual transmission. Rear-wheel steering is standard on both vehicles.

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