Luxury electric vehicle (EV) startup Aehra has revealed the second model in its supercar-inspired line-up.

    Simply named The Sedan, Aehra’s second EV was developed in tandem with its SUV sibling revealed by the brand last year.

    Unveiled at the Milano Monza Moving Motor Show, the brand has promised the Sedan concept model “will look virtually identical to the final production model”, of which customer deliveries are set to begin in 2026.

    The Sedan shares the same aerodynamic design language as The SUV, also set to reach customers at the same time. Aehra says it takes “visual inspiration from classic Italian design principles and the world of nature”.

    At the front, however, the Sedan features a slightly less aggressive fascia than the angular SUV, using rounded lines for the large side air intakes.

    The Sedan features extensive use of recyclable carbon-fibre composite material, while there are dramatic double falcon-wing doors.

    A comfortable cabin has been prioritised by designers, using short overhangs, a long wheelbase, and a completely flat floor to maximise interior space.

    Aehra’s method of demonstrating the Sedan’s spaciousness is confirming that it can comfortably accommodate ‘four full-size US NBA players’.

    The dashboard is dominated by a screen that spans its entire width.

    When stationary, the screen can be extended upwards to transform the cabin into a home theatre or a unique set-up for video conference calls.

    Aehra has withheld most of the technical details at this stage, only confirming the Sedan will be based on the same EV architecture as its SUV counterpart.

    The Sedan will be powered by the same Austrian-built 120kWh Miba battery system as the SUV, which Aehra claims will provide 800km of all-electric range.

    Charging speeds are yet to be confirmed, but the battery will offer charge rates up to 350kW and bi-directional capabilities.

    A top speed of 265km/h is expected for both Aehra models.

    There are some heavy hitters at the fledgling startup.

    Chief engineering officer Franco Cimatti has decades of experience at Ferrari, while chief design officer Filippo Perini was head of design at Lamborghini for 11 years and is responsible for models like the Huracan and Urus.

    According to Reuters, the Aehra models will be available to customers for around US$175,000 to US$197,000 (AU$254,000 to AU$286,000), and there are plans to build around 25,000 units of each annually.

    Thanks to ‘substantial private funding’, the Italian brand believes it has established a ‘clear roadmap’ to deliver its ambitious concept cars to customers.

    Aehra will begin its initial rollout in markets including North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States in 2026, but continues to describe itself as a ‘global’ brand with plans for wider expansion.

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    Eilidh McNaughton
    Eilidh McNaughton is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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