Hyundai has teased its first electric N cars again ahead of its 2022 ‘N Day’ on July 15.

    The brand has provided a fleeting glimpse at what’s believed to be the upcoming Ioniq 5 N, and teased what appears to be an Ioniq 6 N in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot.

    The teasers were revealed as part of the Ioniq 6’s digital premiere and were preceded by text reading, “Ioniq will continue with N”.

    After this, both of these vehicles go speeding past the frame extremely quickly. It’s hard to distinguish any features of the cars at all.

    When asked about the possibilities of all-electric N vehicles, Hyundai executive vice president and head of customer experience division Thomas Schemera said, “Never say never,” and, “We have a crystal clear plan.”

    Despite all of the mystery surrounding these upcoming N vehicles, we already know that Hyundai is planning something big for its 2022 N day on July 15.

    Hyundai previously published teaser images on its social media accounts that reveal what appears to be a blurry Ioniq 5 N, the rear of what looks like an Ioniq 6 N, and the silhouette of some kind of sports car.

    It’s unclear if all of these teased N cars are destined for production or if some of them are just meant to be concepts, like the recent Pony and Grandeur Heritage Series.

    Just what exactly this teased sports car will be and what will power it is unclear, with Hyundai only noting “it’s envisioning the future of N with legacy”.

    There’s a sleek silhouette with an exceptionally long bonnet, while down back there’s a prominent rear wing.

    One of the other recent teasers show what looks like the rear of an Ioniq 6 N, emerging from a cloud of smoke.

    The most immediately apparent change from the regular Ioniq 6 is the addition of an enormous rear wing, which could be adjustable. It replaces the regular Ioniq 6’s rather unusual, high-mounted spoiler.

    The Ioniq 5 N teaser image is extremely blurry, though the car is finished in the performance division’s signature Performance Blue hue.

    It’s expected the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N will be the South Korean automaker’s first all-electric N model. It’s already been spied testing numerous times, featuring unique wheels and arches and a lower ride height.

    Documents viewed by CarExpert last year suggested production wouldn’t begin until March 2024.

    As to what will power the Ioniq 5 N and Ioniq 6 N, the dual-motor powertrain from the related Kia EV6 GT, which also uses the E-GMP platform, is a possibility.

    The dual-motor setup in the EV6 GT produces 430kW and 740Nm of torque, offering a 0-100km/h sprint time of just 3.5 seconds.

    It’s unclear if the N models would offer more performance than the EV6 GT, though there may be more of a focus on track performance than in the sporty Kia.

    Hyundai executives have previously said N vehicles can employ any number of drivetrains, so long as they follow three principles: they must be a “corner rascal”, an “everyday sports car”, and have track capability.

    We already know the flagship dual-motor all-wheel drive Ioniq 6 produces 239kW of power and 605Nm with 77.4kWh battery pack, which is the same as the powertrain and battery combination as the flagship Ioniq 5 in other markets.

    Currently, the Australian-spec 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Dynamiq with its dual-motor all-wheel drive setup produces 14kW less, at 225kW.

    All Australian-spec Ioniq 5 models are also fitted with a smaller 72.6kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack.

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