Hyundai Prophecy heading for production

The streamliner-inspired Hyundai Prophecy has been given the go-ahead for production, and it will ride on the company's new electric vehicle platform.

1 year ago
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Derek Fung

The slinky Hyundai Prophecy electric sedan has been approved for production.

“There will be a production version of Prophecy coming after a production version of the 45 concept,” Sang-yup Lee, head of the Hyundai Design Center, told AutoExpress.

The Prophecy was initially slated to make its in-person debut at the 2020 Geneva motor show, but the show was cancelled at the last minute as the Coronavirus pandemic hit nearby northern Italy.

Both the Prophecy and 45 will be based on the company’s upcoming Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). According to Lee, E-GMP is an “EV skateboard platform” with short overhangs and a pulled-forward cowl, which “stretches the cabin to provide more space inside”.

The boxy 45 is inspired by the 1975 Pony, the company’s first in-house model, while the curvaceous Prophecy is a call back to the streamliner era of the 1930s.

Lee says the divergent design direction of both models is a deliberate move to avoid the “Russian doll” strategy used by other brands.

“They all look different and function differently but when they’re together they come as one team,” the executive said.

Although the 45 and Prophecy won’t share headlight or grille designs, or their overall aesthetic, there will be some small details to tie the two models together, such as the animated “pixel lamp lights”.


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