Porsche appears to be working on an even more racy electric Taycan.

    Our spy photographers have caught Porsche testing a new, racier Taycan around the Nurburgring.

    Nearly devoid of all camouflage, this prototype could be a new variant to sit above the current Turbo S flagship.

    There’s no badging that reveals the new model’s name, however, it’s rumoured to be called the Taycan Turbo GT, and could feature more power along with a greater focus on weight reduction.

    The Taycan range currently tops out with the dual-motor all-wheel drive Turbo S, which pumps out 560kW of power and 1050Nm of torque – good for a 0-100km/h time of just 2.8 seconds.

    The lack of camouflage also suggests an official reveal could come sooner than expected.

    Regardless, it gives us a preview into an upcoming facelift of the Taycan.

    The headlights on this new model appear more squared-off compared with the current model, while new chiselled indents into the front bumper give the front fascia a more aggressive look while potentially cleaning up the airflow along the side of the car.

    A larger, more angular lower grille suggests this particular Taycan variant requires more cooling, again pointing towards an increase in performance over the current Turbo S range-topper.

    Underneath the grille, an aggressive front splitter that flicks up into canards lets everyone know this Taycan means business.

    The front splitter and canards are complemented by pointed side skirts that lead into an enlarged rear diffuser. Strakes appear to pick the airflow immediately after the rear wheels, and there are also canards astern of the rear wheel arches.

    The rear bumper is now more aggressively styled with what appears to be fake vents below the taillights adding to the aggressive aesthetic.

    Finally, the main give-away that this Taycan could be the GT division’s next project is the large rear wing.

    However, Porsche isn’t just waiting for a traditional mid-life update to roll out tweaks to its first EV.

    Earlier this year it announced a software update that improves thermal management and therefore allows the Taycan to be rapidly charged more frequently.

    The update brings all Taycan models up to model year 2023 specification.

    The current Taycan range in Australia comprises rear-wheel drive base and all-wheel drive 4S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S sedans, plus the high-riding Cross Turismo wagon in 4, 4S and Turbo variants.

    The lower-slung Sport Turismo wagon isn’t offered here.

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    James Gelding
    James Gelding is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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