Some Hondas are in decent supply, while others are harder to find – particularly if you want a hybrid or high-performance model.

    Non-hybrid versions of both Civic hatch and HR-V small SUV are sufficiently plentiful, Honda says, as is the CR-V medium SUV.

    However, the Civic e:HEV LX and HR-V e:HEV L hybrid models are subject to delivery times of approximately nine months from order.

    Worse-affected is the “extremely popular Civic Type R“, with Honda conceding some wait times for this model are expected to be up to 20 months, thereby extending into 2024.

    This demand for the company’s lauded pocket rocket comes despite a price rise to $72,600 drive-away, seemingly a minor impediment at worst.

    “The automotive industry continues to experience production issues including supply chain and the global shortage of semiconductor parts,” the company said.

    “This impact is happening throughout the automotive industry and may be evident across a range of other consumer goods and manufacturing sectors. Honda Australia is not immune to these external issues.”

    Like Mercedes-Benz, Honda Australia uses an ‘agency’ business model whereby it controls national inventory and sets the prices, with dealers serving and handover points and facilitators of test drives – and handling maintenance.

    This theoretically gives the company accurate insight on wait times, regardless of where you are.

    Honda Australia is also expected to launch a new SUV model this year called ZR-V, which will sit between the HR-V and CR-V, the latter of which itself is nearing replacement by a new-generation model. The current Accord will continue in Australia for some time yet.

    Honda Australia has also made a few changes internally, with Toshio Kuwahara assuming the position of president and CEO of Asian Honda Motor Co. Ltd, and head of the newly formed Asia and Oceania Regional Unit.

    Honda Australia sold 14,732 cars in 2022, down 19.1 per cent.

    It finished 19th overall, between Audi and Volvo Car. When the company moved to its new distribution and business model, it forecast around 20,000 annual sales – one-third of its 2007-era peak, but with better margins.

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    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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