Sony and Honda’s joint venture Afeela could introduce an SUV and “compact” car by 2030, according to a new report out of Japan.

    According to Nikkei Asia, Afeela will launch three electric models by the end of this decade.

    The news outlet reports the Honda and Sony venture will produce a sedan in 2025, an SUV in 2027 and an “affordable” compact vehicle in 2028 or perhaps even later. It reports the models will directly rival Tesla in the US.

    Afeela has reportedly begun hiring mid-career engineers and intends to double its workforce to around 500 employees, in a bid to strengthen its development structure and grow its model lineup.

    To reduce costs and speed up the process, Nikkei Asia reports the three electric models will be built on the same platform.

    According to Nikkei Asia, the brand’s compact segment vehicle could be comparable in size to a Toyota Corolla or Volkswagen Golf. It’s reportedly expected to share parts with Honda’s own electric vehicles to lower production and development costs.

    Sony Honda Mobility says its 2024 sedan will measure 4895mm long, about the same size as the Hyundai Ioniq 6.

    The sedan will seat five people and have a dual-motor all-wheel drive system. The companies are yet to confirm battery or motor figures.

    The news outlet reports the push for more models within Afeela’s range was in light of the evolving electric vehicle market.

    According to the publication, the Afeela sedan will cost around 10 million yen (A$102,250) and be known as a “high-value-added electric vehicle (EV)”.

    While EV demand is cooling globally, Nikkei Asia reports Afeela won’t be able to enter an already saturated market by only offering high-end luxury models.

    In 2022 Sony Honda claimed its vehicles will be based around “the 3 As” – autonomy, augmentation, and affinity.

    The first will see its cars fitted with plenty of computing power to enable Level 3 autonomous driving in limited circumstances, and “Level 2+” driver assistance in most conditions.

    Augmentation is said to encompass cloud-based services, and the integration of “real and virtual worlds”.

    The company says it will also explore “new entertainment possibilities through digital innovations such as the metaverse”.

    For affinity, the automaker says it will foster an “open community” not only for customers, but also suppliers, the “creative community”, and other industries.

    Although the company will be headquartered in Tokyo, its first vehicle will be produced in the United States and exported around the world, including back to Japan.

    Sales in the lucrative US market will get underway in 2026, the companies say.

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