You know you’re having a bad day when you have a car accident. But your day is made even worse when the accident you have results in a bloke getting knocked off his motorcycle, and the whole thing is caught in 360-degree vision.

    The only way that day at the office could be made any worse is if the footage was then accidentally published to the internet for everybody to see.

    Well, that’s what happened in Senegal. A Google Maps contractor driving a Toyota HiLux collected a motorcycle rider who was then thrown from his bike to the side of the road.

    Inexplicably, that footage was accidentally uploaded to Google Maps for the world to see.

    The collision occurred in December 2021, so the footage has been on Google Maps for the best part of a year.

    It was discovered recently by Twitch streamer Pol Turrents who randomly stumbled across the footage three hours into one of his Twitch streams.

    The image of the crash, which is now no longer visible on Google Maps, was shot in Bellé, Senegal, a sparsely populated area in the Tamabacounda region, sometime in December 2021.

    Reddit users then discovered a Twitter post from a Senegal resident who spotted the offending HiLux in Dakar earlier that year.

    The moral of the story? Watch what you’re doing. The second moral? Don’t upload images of you doing something incriminating!

    Dev Singh

    I'm an Indian-born automotive enthusiast living in the US, with a huge passion for cars. I have a natural storytelling ability and love captivating writing that brings stories to life. I've been writing about cars for over 10 years. My passion is expertly navigating the dynamic world of cars, delivering engaging content for car aficionados.

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