If you’ve ever wondered what an extended-wheelbase Nissan Patrol landaulet would look like, you don’t need to wait any longer.

    This wild Nissan Patrol landaulet is the handiwork of California-based Newport Convertible Engineering, previously known as Newport Speciality Cars.

    Details on this particular vehicle are few and far between, but the company calls it a “hunting vehicle” and says “meticulous attention is given to every detail, from custom modifications that enhance accessibility and convenience”.

    A highlight of this Patrol landaulet, besides the huge powered soft-top convertible roof, is the added set of doors that brings the total number to six.

    It’s unclear how much the company has lengthened this Patrol landaulet’s wheelbase by, but it looks considerable given there’s now an extra set of doors. For context, the regular Patrol measures in at almost 5.2 metres long.

    It’s worth pointing out this Patrol is technically a landaulet, which is a term that dates back to horse-drawn carriages, with the front occupants covered by a fixed roof, whereas passengers behind them are exposed to the elements or covered by the convertible top.

    Newport Convertible Engineering says the Patrol landaulet “retains its robust performance capabilities”, although it’s unclear if any modifications have been made to the engine.

    The regular Nissan Patrol is powered by a naturally aspirated 5.6-litre V8 engine producing 298kW of power and 560Nm of torque.

    Do you think this Nissan Patrol landaulet is wilder than the recently detailed Patrol Warrior? Let us know in the comments

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    Jack Quick

    Jack Quick is an automotive journalist based in Melbourne. Jack studied journalism and photography at Deakin University in Burwood, and previously represented the university in dance nationally. In his spare time, he loves to pump Charli XCX and play a bit of Grand Theft Auto. He’s also the proud owner of a blue, manual 2020 Suzuki Jimny.

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